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The Challenge

Enterprise IT has become more complex than our ability to manage it. What makes networks complex is the large number of diverse devices that are highly interconnected and change rapidly. This makes it extremely challenging to understand all of the parts and all of the interactions in the network. This makes it difficult to troubleshoot issues, make changes safely and keep the network safe.

It's no longer sufficient for IT management tools to manage individual devices (nodes). Modern IT requires a new set of tools based on a holistic way of managing the complexity that looks at the entire network as a whole.

Our Goal
Our goal is to build a new breed of platform tools that help users to visualize and understand the entire network - all its devices, and how they are interconnected in real time as things change. We believe this will set the foundation to solve cyber security, risk, compliance and other wickedly challenging IT issues.


Ashok Vasa

Product Management

Ashok is a systems and infrastructure architecture specialist with 20+ years of experience. Ashok developed enterprise-wide IT solutions for the banking, insurance, healthcare, marketing, telecommunications and retail sectors across US, Canada, UK, India, Europe, and Australia. Ashok has successfully delivered architecture solutions to global majors such as, Suncor, Enbridge, TD Canada Trust, JP Morgan Chase, Barnes & Noble, Rogers & Lloyds Bank. Ashok has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from Imperial College, London.
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Porus Daruvala


Porus is a strategy and operations specialist with 14+ years of experience starting and managing businesses across multiple geographies. Prior to 10SCAPE, Porus has worked at McKinsey & Company and was the CEO of a boutique travel startup that operated across the US, UK and India. Porus is also the co-founder of PlanitWide, Inc - a travel startup under development and serves as an advisor to other startups and non-profits. Porus is an FCA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and also has a Master's in Business from Bombay University.
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Surinder Singh


Surinder is a technology specialist with 14+ years of experience in technology consulting and product engineering. Prior to 10SCAPE, Surinder has worked at Siebel systems, Sapient and has also established a thriving software delivery company. Surinder is well versed with technology strategy, planning, operations and execution and has successfully delivered numerous projects in these capacities across various industries. Surinder is especially skilled in identifying and integrating new technologies, managing technology risk and successfully leveraging technology to meet business goals. Surinder has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Ryerson University.
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Bob Frakes

Advisor & Network Jedi

Bob is currently a network engineer at the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Bob has been in the technology business for 28 years writing software and providing networking and hardware consultancy services to clients in oil & gas, insurance, hospitals, and state agencies. Bob has vast experience with VMware, Equallogic SANS, Microsoft SQL, and other database applications. Bob's certifications and skills include Cisco CCNA, VMware ESX and vCenter servers, Juniper ScreenOS and SonicWall firewalls and routers. Bob has a Bachelors degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in Business Management.

Stuart Scott

Software and Business Process Specialist

Stuart is currently a senior enterprise project manager at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. He has 30+ years of experience facilitating internal and external stakeholder engagement, shaping software development processes and practices as well as go-to market strategies. Stuart was previously a director with Novell, Inc and a management consultant with Cambridge Technology Partners. He has a bachelors degree from Northwestern University.


We closed a seed financing round in the first quarter of 2015. Our backers include seasoned angel investors based in the United States and India and the Canadian Government.

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