Scan networks, generate maps, customize them,
keep them up to date.

Scan networks and import devices into 10SCAPE

Import your managed switches and devices (nodes) from Switch Port Mapper. Enrich your inventory by adding assets that cannot be scanned. Choose from a comprehensive stencil of SVG icons.

Discover connections between devices by mapping your switch ports

Use the Switch Port Mapperto discover the physical connections in your network. The Switch Port Mapping Tool discovers devices attached to each switch port using SNMP. It works with a wide range of switches such Cisco (IOS/Nexus/Small Business), HPE (Legacy HP, 3-Com), Dell, Netgear, Extreme Networks, Enterasys Cabletron and a range of others.

Enrich connections that cannot be scanned by adding physical and logical connections between your devices to make your maps even more accurate and useful.

Generate maps, visualize your networks

Generate maps to accurately visualize the details of your networks - ports, connection types and speeds, LAG ports, trunks, VLANS, stacked switches and server virtualization.

Show which ports your devices are connected to and details like protocols, speeds, cable types can make your diagrams truly useful. 10SCAPE finally makes it possible to do this quickly, regardless of how large your network diagram gets.

Accurately show Link Aggregation - LACP LAG (IEEE 802.3ad) and PAGP links between switches or switches to servers.

Show where your devices are located and how they are grouped

Show the location of your devices e.g. building, floor, remote office location, etc. or classify your devices further into logical areas such as DMZ, test and development environments using the zones feature.

Customize your maps

10CAPE has built-in capabilities to help you customize your maps without exporting them to other drawing tools. All your custom maps are always kept up to date when your network changes.

Keeping maps in sync whenever you add/change assets or connections is painful to do using drawing tools - Maps quickly go stale, making it hard to know which to trust. 10SCAPE automatically keeps all your maps/views in sync when any assets or connections change.

Export and share maps to PDF and image

Export your maps to PDF or an image and include them in your reports and presentations.

Collaborate with your team and customers

Invite your team to collaborate on a project with you or invite your customers to view their network as you keep their documentation up to date.

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