All Your Network Views In One Place

Automated, accurate maps of your WAN, LANs, VLANs,
virtualization, data center and wiring

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10SCAPE is an all-in-one specialized network mapping tool to help you get
a clear understanding of all your assets, how they are connected and where they are located.

Import your assets into 10SCAPE

Import your devices from your existing network management/monitoring tool via 10SCAPE's open API. If you are an existing Spiceworks user, install the 10SCAPE Network Map platform plugin and sync your assets to your 10SCAPE account. Improve the accuracy of your maps by using Switch Port Mapper module to map all the devices connected to each of your switch ports.

Import your existing assets from your network management tool or spiceworks

Create clear, accurate maps automatically

10CAPE automatically creates a high-level enterprise map - a bird’s eye view of your entire network to help you quickly visualize where all your assets are located and how they are connected.

Create clear, accurate maps automatically

10SCAPE also automatically creates detailed port-level L2 maps of each of your locations which show your switches and the ports that your devices are connected to.

create l2 maps of your network automatically

Take control of your network views today