Tired of having limited options when it comes to network diagrams? The alternatives to Visio and scanning tools have been generally lacking – until now.

Import your assets into 10SCAPE

Import your devices from your existing network management/monitoring tool via 10SCAPE's open API. If you are an existing Spiceworks user, install the 10SCAPE Network Map platform plugin and sync your assets to your 10SCAPE account. Improve the accuracy of your maps by using Switch Port Mapper module to map all the devices connected to each of your switch ports.

Store your assets and maps in a single system

Tired of storing your asset inventory in Excel, and your maps in Visio/drawing tools? 10SCAPE finally makes it possible to store your assets and maps in a single system.

Keep your maps in sync

Keeping maps in sync whenever you add / change assets or connections is painful to do using drawing tools - Maps quickly go stale, making it hard to know which to trust. 10SCAPE automatically keeps all your maps / views in sync when assets or connections change.

Automated layout

Network maps can quickly become hard to read. 10SCAPE can automatically adjust your layout and connections so that your maps are always neat and readable. You can also opt for manual layout if you want full control over moving the icons yourself.

Show which ports your devices are connected to

Showing which ports your devices are connected to and details like protocols, speeds, cable types can make your diagrams truly useful. 10SCAPE finally makes it possible to do this quickly, regardless of how large your network diagram gets.

Show where your devices are located and how they are grouped

Show the location of your devices e.g. building, floor, remote office location, etc. or classify your devices further into logical areas such as DMZ, test and development environments using the zones feature.

Export and share maps to PDF and image

Export your maps to PDF or an image and include them in your reports and presentations.

Collaborate with your team and customers

Invite your team to collaborate on a project with you or invite your customers to view their network as you keep their documentation up to date.

Drag & drop a wide range of svg icons

Create network diagrams by dragging and dropping from a comprehensive stencil of SVG icons which include simple icons for most commonly used components, Cisco icons, Amazon AWS, patch panels, peripherals, power, location, Internet /cloud and a wide range of generic symbols.

Take control of your network views today