Product Plan & Roadmap

Our mission is to give IT pros the specialized tools they need to make their job easier. Starting with the most accurate view possible of their networks that includes not just networking, but server, storage and virtualization. Here are the major new feature that are up next.

Visualize VLANS and Subnets

Showing information like VLANS and Subnets using drawing tools typically requires complicated use of “layers” as well as maintaining different versions of your map manually. 10SCAPE will automatically “overlay” information on maps so that you can highlight your VLANS or generate a view of your network by VLAN in one click.

Visualize your VMWare / virtual server environment

10CAPE is pioneering virtual environment visualizations. It will help you accurately visualize your clusters, resource pools, virtual servers, virtual switches, and how everything is connected to your physical network in rich detail.

Visualize SAN storage clusters

Including your SAN storage specifics on maps requires countless hours of manual drawing. 10SCAPE will make it possible to add this missing piece to your maps by helping you show your SAN clusters, arrays, storage pools/volumes and how its all connected to your switches and virtual servers.

Filter asset / connection properties

Need to create maps without IP addresses and other sensitive information to share with others? This feature will dramatically reduce the time you spend tediously copying and editing each map manually. It will help you copy a map and adjust the level of detail by selectively showing or hiding assets, properties and connections.

Export to Visio

Want to send a view of your network in Visio format to your security / compliance team, or your customers? 10SCAPE will make it a snap to select a map or a view and export it to Visio.