Network Scanning & Discovery

Scan your network & generate network maps

When you inherit a network or your existing documentation is just too old and out of date, it helps to scan the network and get a picture of what it looks like right now. Such maps are generally available from most network monitoring tools, but they are often either a confusing jumbled mess, inaccurate or don’t have enough information to make them useful.

10SCAPE helps you scan networks, import assets and connections and generate network diagrams that are carefully designed to help you understand the details of your networks.

Scan your network and import your assets & connections

Scan your managed swtiches using the Switch Port Mapper to identify what is connected to each of the switch ports then import the connections data into 10SCAPE. The Switch Port Mapper supports a wide range of switches - view the switch compatibility list

Import your assets into 10SCAPE

Visualize your entire network

10SCAPE combines your asset and connection data and generates maps that give you a birds eye view of your entire network to help you quickly visualize where all your assets are located and how they are connected.

10SCAPE creates accurate, customizable network maps

Drill down to port-level detailed LAN maps

10SCAPE lets you visualize port-level details on your maps - including port numbers, speed, VLANS and LAG connections between switches.

10SCAPE creates accurate, customizable network maps

Use filters to adjust the level of detail

Show or hide IP, MAC, VLANS, Port speeds from your maps by using filters to adjust the level of detail on your maps.

Use filters to adjust the level of detail on 10SCAPE maps

Export your maps to a PDF or image

When your maps are done, you can share them with your team, customers, or partners by exporting them into high-resolution PDF or export them as images to include in your reports.

Export 10SCAPE maps to pdf or image

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